Who’s Elizabeth?


Elizabeth Laing Thompson has been writing stories since she first learned to hold a crayon. Now she writes fiction for tweens and teens, and nonfiction about clinging to Christ in the chaos of daily life (When God Says, “Wait,” and coming May 1, 2018, When God Says, “Go”). When she’s not wrangling words, she’s wrangling kids: Elizabeth lives on the North Carolina coast with her tall, dark and handsome husband, four miracle kids, and a dog who eats library books.

In between inhaling Starbucks mochas and plotting her next book, Elizabeth works from home as a part-time editor and women’s minister.

What Elizabeth Writes

If Elizabeth’s novels can make you get goose bumps, snort-laugh so loud you embarrass yourself, and then snuggle deep down into some warm-fuzzies, then she’s done her job.


Elizabeth also writes books for Christian women about clinging to Christ in the chaos of daily life.

When God Says Wait: Navigating Life's Detours and Delays Without Losing Your Faith, Your Friends, or Your Mind

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