13th-SummerThe Thirteenth Summer

Middle grade novel for ages 9-14

Threats, love, and rock and roll . . . Crystal Waters never expected her thirteenth summer to go anything like this!

Crystal had her thirteenth summer all planned out: BFF slumber parties, Pilates marathons, reading extravaganzas. It was supposed to be normal. Chill. Self-improvementy. But then everything changes, and suddenly Crystal’s summer is as not-normal and not-chill as a summer can be: She has to spend the summer on a rock-and-roll tour with her famous rock-star father, Rage Waters—the dad she hardly knows.

Fancy hotels. Epic concerts. A decked-out tour bus. Old rock-and-roll band guys who knew her when she wore diapers. The drummer’s son Luke, a.k.a. the cute surfer boy who makes Crystal’s heart skip beats. Dangerous secrets from Rage’s past. An obsessed stalker, Psycho Girl, making terrifying threats. Crystal’s thirteenth summer just got very complicated.

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“A really fun book for any teenage girl. It keeps you on your toes and wondering what will happen next. I read it in 5 days—in the middle of finals!” –E. Fridley, age 13

“From the first page, I fell in love with Crystal. This is a novel filled with well-rounded, lovable, and very human characters; I felt instantly at home among the fictional heroes . . . . The plot enchanted me: a perfect mix of suspense, romance, fantasy, and humor. The novel was so fast-paced and engaging that when I wasn’t reading about it, I was thinking about the characters and their dilemmas. I think people of all ages would enjoy this novel, but teens could especially relate to Crystal’s hopes and fears . . . The Psycho Girl plot line was reminiscent of detective stories of old, and I loved reading about Luke and Crystal’s sleuthing.”–E. Stephens

“I bought this book for my daughter’s 13th birthday. I decided to read it before giving it to her. I was completely thrilled with the story and drawn in from the first chapter. I couldn’t put the book down and couldn’t wait to see what happened to Crystal Waters in each new chapter. It was so refreshing to see so much attention given to the relationships between parents and daughter. So refreshing to read a novel with adventure, drama, humor, and romance without all the yucky stuff (bad language, etc.). Elizabeth has a beautiful God-given talent for writing. It was so much fun giving the book to my daughter, knowing what she was about to experience. She LOVED IT! We both can’t wait for Crystal’s next (hopefully) adventure!” –M. Pugh

“Elizabeth Laing Thompson’s The Thirteenth Summer was a great story about a father and daughter with just the right amount of suspense and romance. As an 8th grade teacher, I definitely have some insight into the minds of thirteen-year-old girls—plus I was one not too many years ago! Thompson has truly captured the heart and mind of a thirteen-year-old—the excitement of going on tour with your rock-star dad, the squeals of joy only best friends can elicit, the nervousness and awkwardness of being around a cute boy, and ultimately the insecurities of building a relationship with a father that hasn’t been in the picture for various reasons. Ultimately, this book is about the journey Crystal Waters travels over the course of her 13th summer. This book will be on my bookshelf in my classroom, and I highly recommend to everyone—the young and young at heart!” –N. Baker

“My daughter, who is a preteen, loved the book so much that she read all 319 pages in 3 days! This book is perfectly safe for preteens and young teens to read, no inappropriate language or innuendos . . . Any kid would love to see what life would be like to hang out with a rock star for a whole summer! (Never mind that fact that he’s your dad!) . . . Thompson is a wonderful, talented writer and we look forward to more novels from her in the future.” –D. Ford

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