5 Hilarious Picture Books Guaranteed to Make Your Kid Giggle

funny books for toddlers

We all know we should read bedtime stories to our children, but let’s be honest: some picture books get old quickly. (But of course our kids want to read their favorites EVERY NIGHT for 476 nights in a row!) There’s nothing boring about the five crowd-pleasing picture books in this list. All five books have been funny-bone-tested and giggle-approved by the four Thompson Crazies, who range in age from two to nine. I can’t decide who laughs the hardest when we read these books . . . the kids, or me!

Click here to read my full article, 5 Hilarious Picture Books Guaranteed to Make Your Child Laugh. (It’s posted on Mamalode, a fantastic site for moms!)

Want photographic proof? This is a shot of my six-year-old reading one of the books to our two-year-old. Priceless!

funny books for toddlers

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