13 Love-Hate Relationships

1. Love the hello, hate the good-bye.

2. Love the chocolate, hate the guilt.

3. Love the dog, hate the shedding.

4. Love the beach, hate the stickiness.

5. Love the rain, hate the mud.

6. Love the snow, hate the plow.

7. Love the holiday, hate the letdown.

8. Love the Band-aid, hate the removal.

9. Love the unexpected sale, hate the buyer’s remorse.

10. Love the buff husband, hate the workout laundry.

11. Love the yoga, hate the Weird Yoga Instructor Voice and Even Weirder Vocabulary.

12. Love the book, hate the movie.* (*With a few notable exceptions, including The Lord of the Rings, Anne of Green Gables, The Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice, and most of the Harry Potter films.)

13. Love the mystery I can’t put down at night, hate the alarm clock in the morning.

I had so many more of these, it was tough to stop at thirteen . . . what are your loves and hates?

Love new books, hate the wait

Me and my sister, Alexandra, way back when . . . showing our love-hate relationship with books: Love the midnight Harry Potter release party, hate the wait!