Peace, Love, and Starbucks

Peace, Love, and Starbucks… or perhaps I should call this my Ode to Starbucks…

This is so random. I’m sitting in my favorite Starbucks—I like to think of it as MY Starbucks—and seriously, these two women just walked in, all jaunty and happy. One of them loudly announced, “Hello, Starbucks family!” She received a warm greeting from the crew behind the counter. And then, seconds later, this sweet elderly couple walked outside, and the woman smiled and waved and spoke to me, as if we were old friends, even though my face was buried in my laptop. See? This is why I love this place! We are a bizarre caffeine-addicted community/support group. Perhaps we encourage one another’s addictions, but at least, there is lots of love. Coffee= love? Has Starbucks held the keys to life all this time? They’re not just selling coffee, they’re selling belonging, kindness, world peace.

“Blog” Rhymes with “Blah.” Sort of.

You might ask what this blog is about. And I might answer, That’s a good question.

I’ve always thought that blogging was a bizarre word and a rather strange concept altogether. I mean, let’s be honest: “Blog” rhymes with “blah.” Sort of. But at the same time, I get it… We all love the idea that our thoughts, our take on the world, even the minutiae of our daily life, might matter to other people. It’s like what Meg Ryan said in “You’ve Got Mail”: “I don’t really want an answer. I just want to throw this cosmic question out into the void.” A blog means that we throw our thoughts into the void, and someone besides God might actually pay attention—and if our blog gains devoted followers, we might even get some off-the-wall answers to our cosmic questions!